Monday, November 12, 2012

Simple graphic for Luisa.MS

So, I've done a quick graphic for Luisa.MS's blog, this is a banner for her when she posts. It's quite simple, but I really like it. I will do more two for the others, and they will be similiar to this one! I'm also with lots of work, I'm really busy in life because of shcool, and I have no time to graphics and I need to do  more three like this one, and I have to do lots of graphics for the magazine I work, so not time.
Well. Here is the graphic :)

XOXO, EllieCase


Luisa Saraiva said...

Tá lindo <3

The Lightweight said...

Obrigada :D

Carolz U_U said...

Por que ta inglês? O-O

The Lightweight said...

Because most of my followers are English people :)

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