Thursday, October 18, 2012

Graphic Lena - Stardust

Today I'm showing you a graphic I made inspired on the picture of Lena Meyer for the beautiful song Stardust. The videoclips is awsome and the song is really good. 
I also have news for you! I'm working on the web/graphic design for the blog Stardoll Cheats and Tricks and this graphic is for they're banner. I'm also now the graphic designer of Mary Ann & Kimberly magazine project! Soon I'll give more news about these projects. But now I'm really busy in school and I'm now watching the serie Awkward while the next episodes of Pretty Little Liars and Glee don't come out! 

Lena - Stardust


Hope you like it!

XOXO, EllieCase


MssUnitedStates said...

Thanks for mentioning MA&K!!! I am also waiting for Glee!

EllieCase/João said...

You're welcome! :) I'm really excited for the next episode!
XOXO, EllieCase

Luisa Saraiva said...

Its amazing!Ellie :)

EllieCase/João said...

Thanks Luisa :D
XOXO, EllieCase

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